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               -> 產品中心 -> Wick Fuel
            Our TD products safe and convenient storage, high heat power, longer buring time, adjustable heat power, comparting with the similar products, our wicks are safer, no pollution and environmental-friendly. Especialy suit the hotel, restaurant, buffet, hotpot’s long time heating and hot keeping.

            Metal screw cap allows for easy storage and re-use. It’s more elegant and smart on the appearance.
            Model:TD-5020  TD-5120 TD-5320
            Specifications:TIANDA Canned heat, burning 2 hours/4 hours/6 hours, 48 cans/box

            地址:中國 江蘇 常州市武進洛陽鎮 電話:86-519-88556132 傳真:86-519-88557327 郵箱
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